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Hi! I'm Julie and I've been running this site for around 7 years now. All Global Grey editions are created by myself. I search for public domain artwork for the covers, and each book is formatted with table of contents, and (if applicable), footnotes and illustrations. They can be read on any device, and are DRM free.

Donations are greatly appreciated, as I run this site entirely by myself.

I supply the books... you just need to supply the coffee and maybe, as I said - a small donation, because, you know, it takes a lot of time and effort (and money) to run this place, and your support would be most appreciated! So actually, maybe skip the coffee, and use that money to support the site.

Coffee's bad for you anyway. It isn't really, I'm just saying this to try and get some money.

A treasure trove of literature, catering to every taste.

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One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. To read is to voyage through time .
Carl Sagan

I love doing this site. It really is my passion. I get to deal with books every day, which is awesome. It's actually been running for almost 7 years now. It started off as a hobby and my aim was to set up the site as a place where people could find and download quality ebooks. The original idea definitely came from a love of books in general. I found that a lot of ebook sites though either focused on purely fiction, or more niche areas such as the Occult. I wanted Global Grey to be a place where people could find Sherlock Holmes books, and at the same time, pick up a copy of the Book of Ceremonial Magic, if they so wished. (more about the site and me)

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